Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looks at Extreme Thing

On March 28, I went to the Extreme Thing music festival at Desert Breeze park, alone. That was the mistake. I've been to other must fests before but never Extreme Thing. It had a wider range and had way more people. I was overwhelmed, so I didn't end up shooting the bands.

However, I was able to get a good side spot and capture about nine shots of The Higher which I was happy about.

You can view the rest of them in their set on Flickr.

I didn't snap as many people shots as I would have liked to since I left early. Here are the ones I did get.

I did meet two new people at Extreme Thing, though. These two girls came up to me while I was doing something with my camera. The brunette, Coraline said "Here's your twin!" or something like that and motioned to her friend with short platinum hair like mine. We laughed, and Coraline actually recognized me from Flickr and said she liked my work. I thought that was cool. We hungout for a while, just chillin' in the grass and then got food, watched some BMX, then saw the Higher.

After I was done shooting the band, they told me they were gonna go meet a friend near the local bands stage, so I came with. I was walking with them pretty fast through the crowd, but at one point I looked the other way, and then looked back and they were getting way ahead and I tried to catch up but got stuck in a big crowd and was like fuck it. Hopefully they weren't trying to ditch me, haha..oh well. I did find Coraline MySpace via her Flickr, so I should probably add that up.

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