Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Betsey Johnson in Las Vegas.

Fashion legend Betsey Johnson herself made an appearance at her store located in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. She was visiting several of her stores across the states on her "Betsey Johnson's Pink Cadillac Tour". When I got the news she was stopping here, I just had to make it given how much of an icon she is in the fashion industry. I could not pass up the opportunity to snap some photos!

I was so thrilled once I asked her if I could take a Polaroid. She thought that was cool, and liked my Polaroid camera. Once the photo shot out, I gave her my Sharpie thinking she'd just sign it, instead she started making cute doodles on it along with the "XOX BETSEY". "Hah, sorry I like to design," Betsey said as she drew horns on her head. I love all the personal touches to the Polaroid. Makes it that more of a perfect souvenir.


  1. IM SO FUCKING JEALOUS OMG, she is supposed to be my best friend I knowww it! hahaha.

    and seriously, i sign my name like that too, and i never knew she did it..
    i'm an icon in the making apparently. YESSS!!!!

  2. That's awesome that you her, and the polaroid is very cute. She seems to have such an amazing creative energy, just like you!!

  3. veryy cool that you met her!!!!


  4. Great pics cool blog. Great that you met her.
    This is great blog. If you enjoy sartorialist you will enjoy this blog too.

  5. I love Betsey Johnson she is one of my favourite designers of all time.

    From Dolly

  6. Hey Nick!
    thanks for all the comments!!! You are great!
    I hope you will have luck to find more film for your polaroid camera!

  7. she is so much fun. its so great to have a wild fashionista!

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  9. how cool! love her and that store in vegas is so cute! i love the pink walls :))

  10. First, THANX for all your beautiful comments! :-)
    Second, you are an amazing photographer!
    Bravo. ;-)

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  12. You have done a marvelous job! I am really inspired with your work.