Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pride Parade 2009

On May 1, 2009 as my friends Brooke, Derrick and I were going to a gas station to get a snack before heading over to First Friday when we noticed there were a bunch of people gathered on the street behind the gas station. Walked over there and found out it was the Pride Walk going on, so Derrick and I scouted out some unique looks!

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I loved that he was channeling Diana Ross.

That is Tracey Hope, a singer. Check out her on MySpace.

Minutes after I took a couple photos of him, and she walked over to where he was supposed to check in for the walk- a tanker knocked off the back bumper of his car. It wasn't completely knocked off when the tanker first hit it, but the fucker kept driving a little bit and it tore off more. Finally, he figured that maybe he just hit something and stopped. Then a cop came over & did questioning and shit.
Hope the driver has to pay for all the damages because the owner of the car was parked in a designated spot and all.

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